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shiplap: how to

If you love farmhouse decor as much as I do, then it’s highly likely that you’re wondering how all these ladies are shiplapping walls and whole rooms in their house. I begged Jessie for MONTHS to let me shiplap a few walls in the Baker Palace, and I figured, hey, why not give y’all a step-by-step tutorial in the process.


  1. ¼” sanded plywood underlayment (I used this)

  2. Panel Board Nails OR brad gun & 2” nails

  3. Nickels

  4. Jigsaw

  5. White paint

  6. Roller & brush


  1. Gather your supplies. PROTIP: the sweet workers at the hardware store will rip the plywood for you into your strips for a small fee. I chose to do 8” boards but you could also do 12” depending on how tall your wall is and what look you want to achieve.

  2. Prep your wall by sanding down any high spots & give it a quick wipe down. Some people choose to prime the wall if they’re doing thicker spaces between boards, but I did not.

  3. Starting at the bottom of the wall, place and nail on your first set of planks.

  4. Place nickels on top of the placed board & then nail the next board up. Use a level to make sure that you’re staying level as you go up the wall.

  5. Repeat step 4 until your whole wall is covered with planks.

  6. Paint the boards using a roller. I used a brush to get around the sides & in between the cracks. I painted my wall white using paint that I already had, but I’ve seen really cute grey shiplap walls, too!

Honestly, this was one of the easiest & quickest DIYs that I’ve done & it made SUCH a big difference in our home. I’d love to see pictures of your new shiplapped walls!

What DIY projects would you like us to do in the future?


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