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fallin' on a budget

Happy Fall! It is officially Fall (even if it doesn’t feel like it yet). Every year around this time, I start craving all things Fall - particularly fall beauty and fashion finds. I want to share some of my top seasonal (budget) picks!

To me, fall season is flannel season. The flannels come out- as soon as the temperature begins to drop. I don't pack them up until Spring arrives. I particularly like these flannels from Walmart (men’s section). They are heavy and well-made but not bulky, come in about a thousand types of plaid and is only an $8.00 investment! I must own at least 10 of these shirts.

Cozy fall accessories are essential! Blanket scarves are (still) so popular and I know why. Throwing on one of these cozies up your outfit, adding a new dimension to your look. I now own (3) Target Dollar Spot scarves. They are great for mixing in plaid patterns at just $7.00 each. (Pro tip- my Target has restocked this item multiple times this season, just be patient)!

Fall is the season for great nail colors, I tend to gravitate towards cooler tones and more obscure shades. I love Revlon classic nail polish formula for the wear and the Sinful Colors line often comes out with super cute colors. Each of these polishes is under $4 and for someone that owns 80+ bottles, this is a real perk. (Pro Tip- I've found that investing in a quality top coat makes any polish wear like its more expensive cousins. Essie Gel Set helps even my $2 Sinful Colors manicures last a solid week).

From left to right: Revlon Chic, Wet N Wild Stay Classy, Revlon Vixen, Sinful Colors In the Mist.

My favorite Fall beauty necessity is fall lip colors (especially vampy shades). I really like Wet N Wild Megalast Lip Colors. These lipsticks are matte, long wearing, AND $2 each. Does it get ANY better than that? I practically live in "Cherry Bomb" from Fall- Winter. This is the perfect dark red shade that will flatter any skin tone, I swear by this color.

I know! Starbuck's Pumpkin Spice Latte is *the iconic fall drink. The minute it drops, everyone rushes to Starbs to grab a PSL ($5.00) and Instagram their cup. I am a HUGE fan of the Dunkin Donuts Pumpkin Swirl Coffee. Equally as tasty (I actually usually prefer this over a PSL), same fall/pumpkin flavor and sugar rush, less than half the price. For $2.19 I can buy a large DD Pumpkin Coffee and get the same caffeine rush minus the empty wallet.

What are your top (budget) picks for Fall? Share what I've been missing out on by tagging #3LH in your photos showing how you do Fall on a budget.


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