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review || cypress beauty co.

Beauty is more than skin deep, but nothing makes you feel more beautiful than naturally, flawless skin. I’m a huge fan of facial oils and when I discovered Cypress Beauty Co, a small batch, natural skincare maker, I was ecstatic. I worked with them to create a custom facial oil, made with clean, non-toxic products and I could not be more pleased with the results. Cypress Beauty Co. won’t be officially launching until December, but this is a product that I would recommend.

My skin concerns include dullness, acne, and scarring. Nia was so easy to communicate with and created a custom oil that addressed all of my concerns; she let me know exactly which ingredients were being used in my oil and why they were being included. My custom blend is an avocado oil base, with lemon, tea tree, lavender and jojoba. This mixture is nourishes, brightens, and reduces inflammation, plus it smells amazing.

In one week, I saw major differences in my skin. Two weeks later, my skin is continuing to improve and I didn’t know my skin could look this healthy. I’m kicking myself for not taking a before picture, but it wasn’t pretty. Nothing gives you confidence like healthy, glowing skin and Cypress Beauty Co. helped me achieve that. I would absolutely repurchase a custom oil from them again, because simplifying your beauty routine is always wonderful. When it comes to skincare, natural and simple are always positive. I can’t wait for their official launch and to see more products!

Follow @cypressbeautyco on Instagram for info about their December launch!


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