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22 things I learned from 22.

You know those people who start the countdown to their birthday the day after their last one? I’ve always been one of those people until very recently. I’ve spent the last few years in new places, so I’ve begun to use my birthday as a day to reflect on the past year. Yes, I am fully aware of how cheesy this sounds and I’m going to share what I’ve learned this year with you.

  1. Genuine, loving, positive, and truly good friends are few and far between. Make an effort to keep the ones you have and take steps to build relationships with people you would like to be closer to.

  2. It’s never to early to start preventative skincare. Apparently, I was supposed to start doing this two years ago. I started this year.

  3. Also, I should’ve started working out in high school when my metabolism was higher so it would be less agonizing now.

  4. The only thing that feels better than breaking a bad habit is starting a good habit.

  5. My mom was right about waking up early to get a head start on my day. This doesn’t mean I’m good at it, but it means I’m trying.

  6. Speaking of moms, my parents are amazing, generous, and kind people. I’ve definitely made an effort to talk with them and text them more this year and it’s been so great. I don’t know where I’d be without them. So text yours. Or the parental figures in your life. If you don’t have those people, find some.

  7. Moving across the country isn’t fun - the packing and unpacking parts are the worst.

  8. Not all regional grocery stores are created equal (Really, Kroger? You put chickpeas in the ethnic foods section).

  9. Kansas City truly does have the best barbeque and I will fight anyone who says otherwise. I really miss the barbeque.

  10. Decorating is not a talent that I possess. That doesn’t mean I won’t try and occasionally make something look cute. But it will take months and decorating seasonally is frustrating for me.

  11. Thank you notes can go a long way. They could even get you a job (more on that later).

  12. Spend time with people that you want to become. I am blessed with an internship that surrounds me with sweet, Godly, talented women and it’s been a wonderful experience.

  13. Do something that you like at least one day a week. If it’s singing, crafting, blogging, joining a rec team, do it. It’ll give you something to look forward to.

  14. A break from social media is never a bad thing. It’s actually a good thing. Mostly because what you see on Instagram is rarely a reality. Also, I realized that I don’t like Snapchat. I apologize to the few people that I never snap back.

  15. Drinking water really does make your skin/hair/face/body/life better. I was over-hydrated for two weeks this summer and I felt invincible.

  16. The number or letter on the tags of your clothing doesn’t matter. What matters is whether or not you feel confident and healthy.

  17. Eating healthy for me doesn’t mean denying myself chocolate or the occasional Coke. It means replacing bad choices with good ones. This is a mental thing but it works for me.

  18. I didn’t realize until this year exactly how much I miss rom-coms but I really enjoy them and the movies that are made now don’t really measure up to Sleepless in Seattle and Funny Face and maybe I just really like old movies.

  19. Taking fashion risks is necessary. Whether it’s with your hair, makeup or purchasing something outside your normal color palette. I always learn more about myself when I rock something that I normally wouldn’t.

  20. New Year’s Resolutions don’t work for me and that’s ok. December Resolutions are my thing. I discovered that if I want to start something for the next year, I have to start doing it then. Three cheers for a Christmas season feat. lots of spinach and very few cookies.

  21. Time goes much more quickly as an adult, so be deliberate, intentional, and purposeful in everything you do. This requires more thinking, but I think it’s fulfilling.

I know no one asked for insights from the average twenty-two year old, but that’s what you got. So here’s to twenty-three and another year of growing up.

P.S. Dear Mom & Best Friend,

I promise that I didn’t get bangs again. They’re fake. I know that you’re both concerned because I complained about not being able to see my eyebrows for about two months last time. Do not be alarmed, this was just my Halloween costume.


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