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easy chickfila dupe.

Hiiii friends! Gabrielle here. If you know me, you know my obsession for Chickfila is very real. I’m also very obsessed with my mom’s Chickfila dupe recipe. She’s been making these chicken nuggets since we were little and it’s definitely a family favorite meal. It’s easily one of the easiest things to make so if you’re looking for a quick dinner, try this!


1 chicken breast per 2 people (more if you want left overs)

Bread crumbs

1-2 eggs


Vegetable oil


  1. Fill a skillet ⅓- ½ of the way up with vegetable oil. Turn onto medium heat-- what I usually do is let it get going and then put one in to see how hot it is, once that starts frying then you know it’s warm enough to add the rest. Make SURE to do a tester nugget-- you don’t want the oil to be too hot. It will burn. Pro Tip - Lauren tried this recipe and burnt her first nugget to the point of no return. DO NOT overheat your oil.

  2. Cut your chicken into strips-- you want these to be very thin stips. How thick you make them is how big your nuggets will be, but remember that the breading will puff up.

  3. Once you have everything cut up, dip the strips in the flour, then the egg and then the bread crumbs. You can double dunk in the egg and breadcrumbs if you want them to be extra breaded-- I don’t usually. Get all your stips breaded.

  4. Then put 5-10 in the oil - make sure that it’s pretty hot but not so hot that it burns the breading.

  5. Each strip takes like 4-7 minutes to cook, they’re thin so they cook through easily. Make sure that the breading is a deep brown color, but not burnt.

  6. Place on a plate with a paper towel to soak up excess oil & serve.

Pro Tip - I like to serve mine with stir fry rice or homemade fries/potato wedges for a fun and easy meal.

Do you have any restaurant "hacks" that you swear by? Let me know in the comments below!


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