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new year, new planner.

Every year, I make a conscious effort to start the new year right. New year, new me is real. I’ve struggled with organization my entire life and it’s not something that comes naturally to me. I like being overextended and busy, but my Type-B self is likely to schedule two things for the same day so: new year, new planner. I chose a Rifle Paper Co. planner, but these are some of our favorites. Stick around for the end, we included some of our planner organization tips.

For The Busy Bee: Day Designer

Gabrielle swears by her Day Designer. It’s perfect for someone who has a crazy, busy schedule because this is an hourly planner. It’s a hardcover planner that includes spots for meal-planning and even has a little place for you to write notes of gratitude. I can see myself buying this one next year. And as a thank you from us to all of you, if you click this link , to get your Day Designer!

For The Creative One: Happy Planner

These are highly customizable and easy to decorate. This isn’t the planner for a pack-rat like me because you can add tabs, stickers,and dividers, which means I would make it a mess. It’s a thing to decorate them, check out #planneradict on Instagram. If you’ve got the time to customize and make it pretty, it’s relatively inexpensive.

This planner is under $10, even less if you have a RedCard which you know I do. I liked this one because it’s a hardcover planner and it has quite a bit of space every day. This is a weekly/monthly layout but it’s pretty roomy. Also, can we talk about how much Target has stepped up in the last year?

At almost $200, this one seems a little crazy but hear me out. This is not only a planner, it’s a to-do list,an address book, it’s spacious, it has places for notes and it’s refillable. That’s right, you just take out the old pages and add the new ones every year. If I felt like this were in my budget, this is the route I would go, I just couldn’t justify it yet.

This one’s for me because I care about looks. My favorite feature, other than the front, is that it has little areas to check off what I’ve done. Checking things off is what makes me feel that I’ve accomplished something so it’s perfect for me. Also, there are tiny, inspirational quotes on the inside so it was worth every penny.

Planner Organization Tips

  • Color code, color code, color code. Lauren uses the same colors from her Google calendar in her physical calendars.

  • There’s no shame in the multiple planner game. We’re big fans of having a work calendar, personal calendar, and a personal planner.

  • Gabrielle has found the most success color coding between work, home, and husband.

  • Google Calendar is still our friend, paper planner is just another pretty, fun, helpful tool.


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