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treat yoself


As we all know by this point, ya girl loves to shop. Last week I went on a trip to the Caribbean with my husband for the Country Music Cruise 2018. It was sooo fun and I super loved rocking some new outfits from Basil & Blush boutique.

This dress was one of my favorite picks. It was so flowy and comfortable. It would also be an awesome pick for a maternity shoot.

These shoes are to die for. I loved rocking them to dinner. They’re definitely a warm-weather pick because you can’t wear socks with them. I have very sensitive feet, but they were sooo comfy and ran true to size.


Since becoming a dog mama, I’ve absolutely spoiled Winston. Currently, his favorite toy is this avocado squeaker from Target. I originally bought it because I thought it was hilarious to see my tiny dog walking around with a huge avocado in his mouth, but it’s easily become his go to. Not only does it squeak, but it’s crinkly too. It’s the perfect, sturdy toy for your millennial, avocado-loving pup!


We have a lifestyle shoot coming up in our home (stay tuned), so my "treats" have mostly been pieces to add fun touches around the house.

After purchasing a beautiful wool rug for my living room that my (lovable) chocolate lab Reese's ruined, I was sure I wouldn't buy another for a long time. Then I saw this rug and knew she both couldn't ruin it and that I had to have it. With our house having hardwood floors, we really need a rug to cozy up the space. I purchased this 9x12 rug for $185 from Rugs USA during a sale. I'll update y'all when it comes in!

I had Gabrielle stalking her Homegoods, TJMaxx, and Marshall's to help me find these lamps. They're Kate Spade (so I already loved them) and the perfect height for nightstands, especially in a cape cod with dormer ceilings. Check out your stores for a selection of cute KS lamps ranging from $39.99-$59.99.

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