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spring picks: oldnavy

It is FINALLY getting a little warmer in Cincinnati and I am so ready for Spring; I love the warmer temps, fun activities, and breaking out my prettier clothing items.

I've curated my top picks from Oldnavy's new spring line - Oldnavy has really stepped their game up in the last few years. I love shopping there for easy, reasonably well-made, cute pieces that are affordable. Being a new mom, I like items I can mix and match, flatter my "mom areas", wash and wear well, and aren't going to cost me $100+ for every piece. Plus, Oldnavy has some of the best sales, consistently.

I love this little knit top - it's the right color blue that I could still wear with jeans, the tie-detail on the sleeves adds something special and IT'S A FANCY TSHIRT. For just $19.99. Count me in.

This Tencel blouse is perfect for the transition weather. It is flowy (again, hides whatever you may want to skim over) and Tencel is one of my favorite materials because it is so soft. I love both the olive green and the blush.

The Tencel top also comes in a dress variation. I'd be lying if I said I don't have my eye on the olive and blush in this version as well. Don't tell my husband.

This little dress is SO cute. It would work well as a transition piece with a cardigan and well into the summer. I'm also a sucker for anything navy blue, gingham, or ruffled.

This linen-blend top is super cute and perfect with jeans or in a casual work environment. The lightweight material means it's great for now, and would pair nicely with shorts in the summer.

I couldn't talk about my favorite picks for Spring and not mention this jacket. I have an olive field jacket and I'm absolutely LUSTING over the blush. (Do we sense a trend? I love pink.)

These are my top picks for spring from my favorite afforable clothing store! What are you buying to transition into the warmer weather?


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