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treat yoself.


This week i’ve been obsessing over all things home decor. We’re in the process of closing on our new house and picking out all the new things for it has kept me really busy. I recently ordered one of these awesome arches from Southern with Grace. Their stuff is awesome. It goes out of stock really fast, but if you watch on their Facebook page for their “Daily Deals” you can get some really awesome finds for GREAT prices.


Spring is here in Atlanta and I’m thrilled! Target has this adorable floral vase for just $12 and I couldn’t love it more. I just found out that there’s a large version, but I have the small version and it’s the perfect addition to my kitchen.


I’m a working (new-ish) mom, aka I have no personal time. Ever. I love my son, I love my husband, I love my job, I love my dog, but every so often I would love a quiet 5 minutes that isn’t consumed with other people or other things. Now that the weather is nice, I make a point to take Calvin (or the dog) on a daily walk. I leave my phone at home and enjoy the peace and quiet of solitude for 20-ish minutes and y’all, I feel so refreshed after. Taking care of yourself is important in order to be able to be a good wife and good mama. Sometimes a little quiet time can be a treat in itself.

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