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bonding with baby.

Cal has grown SO much in the last two months! Every time I turn around he's gotten bigger, learned something new, or is growing his personality.

Being a working mama, I want to capitalize on every single moment I spend with him before he learns something new. I have a few tips for how to bond with your new baby:

Read to your baby: You may not think he can understand you, but he can hear your voice. When you don't spend all day with baby, connecting is very important. We read to Cal once a day, just to let him hear more of our voices. Yes, he intrinsically knows who his parents are; but reinforcing bonding through voice is very important. He may not understand "Brown Bear, Brown Bear", but spending 5-10 minutes reading helps us feel closer to him.

Take baby on walks: I love getting to share the world with Cal. He learns something new everyday and getting to be the one to show him the world makes me feel so close to him. He just stares around in amazement with his eyes huge, it makes my heart so happy.

Snuggle your baby: This is obvious, but soak up those baby snuggles. I know there's a looming deadline for some point in the future when Cal won't be okay with me snuggling him all the time. Love on your baby as much as you can while he is still little.

Wear baby: We use a Tula when we're out and about and y'all it is amazing. I never thought I'd be a "crunchy" mama that wanted to wear baby but I am so in love with our carrier. I love being close to Calvin when we are out for the sake of my own sanity and to snuggle him close. Even my husband loves wearing Cal and fights me to be the one who gets to wear him.

How do you bond with your baby? Share down below!


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