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treat yoself.


I don’t know what it is about subscription boxes, but they get me every dang time. This week, I’m sharing one of my favorites that I have for my husband. I love Sprezzabox. Each month it comes with styled items for men who dress up. He dresses up for work, and loves having the different ties, pocket squares and other items to change up his day to day suit wardrobe. Let’s be honest, ties are freaking expensive. This box for $28 dollars a month gets you all kinds of goodies and is a steal


I really haven't bought myself many new things lately, but I'm pretty sure Cal's outfits just keep multiplying. (I promise I don't know how it's happening, Mike). I bought Cal a version of this outfit the other day and almost died of cuteness. His daddy has a variation of the same outfit and I CANNOT wait to have them match for church. I picked this up from Carter's.

Pro Tip: The BEST place to find cute Carter's outfits is Sam's Club. They carry all sorts of adorable little sets for $5-10.

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