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photographer's emergency kit.

Hi, I’m Bethany! I’m a stay-at-home music wife, dog mom and photographer with big farmhouse dreams in a little rental. I’ll be popping into Three Little Housewives every so often to share some of my favorite things & thoughts: from photography tips and tricks, to lazy-crunchy recipes & products, to how not to lose your mind being married to a full-time musician. I’m excited to be here!

Now let's talk photography: I love it when people pay attention to the tiny little details, so when I found a list for a photographer’s emergency kit, my inner list-maker did a cartwheel. It makes so much sense for a portrait photographer to carry some version of this, especially if you’re not shooting in a studio. Think about it: if you’re in the middle of a session, but you keep getting distracted by your hair blowing in your face or your dress sticking to your legs, how would you feel? Now how would you feel if your photographer whipped out a bottle of hairspray or static cling? You would love them and tell all of your family and friends about this great photographer that was uber prepared and rolled with the punches. If we can put our clients at ease by being prepared, we let them focus more on just being relaxed and having fun during their session - which makes for much better images! Here’s what I keep in my emergency kit:

  • Travel hairspray & bobby pins for flyaways

  • Travel lotion (no dry hands in ring shots!)

  • Safety pins & static cling for pesky hems

  • Travel size lint roller for the gob of glitter you didn’t see before you sat in your car

  • Plastic trash bag. Nothing worse than sitting on damp ground.

  • Small first aid kit for just in case (ibuprofen, allergy meds and bandaids)

Other options you could add in for a session with littles might be:

  • Bubbles for distraction

  • Candy or stickers for smiley face incentives

  • Shutter buddy

Now go rock that session!


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