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what's in my diaper bag.

With how on the go our family is, we (sometimes) live out of our diaper bag. Yes, I could've picked some bag that looks super "mom", but that just isn't who I am. Instead, I like to carry my regular bag and stuff it full of all the things we need daily.

I carry a Louis Vuitton Totally MM; I know, I know, everyone and their sister carries the Neverfull as their diaper bag but I cannot get over that it doesn't zip. I may be a little crazy but the idea of carrying that zipper-free around downtown makes me cringe and doesn't seem very secure, as I also throw my phone, keys, and wallet into my bag. I chose this bag because I wanted a handbag that would double as a diaper bag. Cal isn't going to be tiny forever and I wanted a style that would stand the test of time; this bag also matches ANY outfit I could ever wear.

Because my bag is smaller than the average diaper bag, I only carry the essentials. Here's what's actually in my bag:

  • Swaddle - Perfect to lay on the changing table, wipe spit up if necessary, cover in a pinch if he's chilly, etc.

  • Extra outfit - Sometimes babies spit up and you always need an extra. I'd rather be prepared than be scrambling for something for him to wear.

  • Bottle and formula - Okay, Gabrielle already gave me a hard time about my ziplock of formula and I ordered this formula dispenser to use instead.

  • Diapers and wipes - We buy large bags of wipes and then I keep boxes at home, so I break out my trusty ziplock bags for travel use.

  • Extra socks - I swear I always forget socks or he manages to slide his off.

  • Premade formula - I keep a backup bottle of premade formula *just in case, because nothing is worse than listening to hangry crying.

  • Hand sanitizer - Changing diapers is gross and sometimes you have to do it in the back of your car. Hand sanitizer is key.

  • Pacifier - Cal doesn't usually take a pacifier but I carry one just in case.

This is all I carry in my diaper bag! What are your essentials?


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