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treat yoself.


I just stumbled upon my new favorite thing: wine home delivery. I especially love my new discovery, One Hope. Every purchase that you make with them supports a different cause. While browsing their site, I found that one of their wines, this Cabernet Sauvignon, helps to fund an ABA center for kiddos with autism. Through the sales of this wine, they’ve helped to fund over 2800 children’s services! That is crazy!! As y’all know, autism is my passion and I have my master’s degree in ABA. I’m so excited to tell y’all about this company for that very reason. Go over to their site and look around, they have wines at all price points, that support all kinds of causes, shipped directly to you.


I am also loving wine this week (really, every week), but a very different type of wine. I know that Bachelor is trash tv, but I CAN'T look away. I love to enjoy a glass (or three) while I'm watching these women battle for the Bachelor's heart. I really like these single serving canned wines by Simpler Wines, they're 6 oz and come in a white and rose option. If you aren't really into beer, these are a great option for the beach, the softball field, a party, etc. It is much easier (and lighter) to throw a couple of cans into your cooler or backpack than lug a wine bottle and a bottle opener around. I've only tried the rose but you best believe I'm going to purchase the white next. They're only $4 for 4 cans at Trader Joes.

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