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curating a baptism gift.

It’s not an easy task being a godparent. Lauren asked me to be Calvin’s godmother, and of course, I was overjoyed. We’re both Catholic, so to us, it’s a big honor to be asked to be a godparent. A godparent is an individual chosen by the parents to take an interest in the child's upbringing, spiritual and personal development, and to take care of the child should anything happen to the parents.

Calvin’s baptism was yesterday and I’ve put together a list of the best gifts to give at a baptism.

a rosary.

As a Catholic, the rosary is one of our most important tools. I love to give rosaries as baptism gifts, because a nice rosary is something that the child will have forever. I got this one from the vatican. It was blessed by Pope Francis, the current pope. Can Cal say the rosary right now? No. Can his parents use the rosary to pray to Mary to intercede for him and guide his life? Absolutely. When he is old enough to use it, this rosary will remind him of not only my love for him, but also of the kindness of Mama Mary.

my first bible.

I feel like this is a given. I considered getting a real bible for him to use as an adult, but I just loved this baby bible. I also thought it would be cute for him to bring to church to entertain himself during mass.

pope francis stuffed doll.

Honestly, I am so excited this exists. I am obsessed with it, and tbh I wanted to buy one for myself. Pope Francis is one of my favorite Popes and I can just imagine Cal snuggling with this doll. Can you say cute?

other various books.

I grabbed a bunch of these cute baby board books. They had A TON at my local Catholic Gift store. I loved grabbing different ones so that Lauren and Mike can read the different prayers to Calvin. It’s never too early to start memorizing those staple prayers.


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