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an open letter to my child's godparents.

Words cannot begin to express the joy my heart felt when you agreed to take on the role of godparents in Calvin's life - to love and cherish him as we do, to walk with him in our faith, to protect his heart when life gets tough and be his biggest supporters in all he does. We love each of you so very much.

First of all, thank you. Thank you for the impact you've had in my life. Gabrielle - thank you for being a true and steadfast friend, confidant, personal "hype-man", and the most selfless person I know. Sometimes I think you are my third "half" (I'm sorry, Mike). When we "met" 5+ years ago, I never would have guessed the impact my new friend would have on my life; our friendship has blossomed through various moves, weddings, major life changes, major highs and lows, and one thing has remained true - I know the most loyal and genuine person I know is a text, phone call, (and now a short drive) away. I admire the type of woman you choose to be every day and I am so incredibly proud of all you have accomplished. Choosing you as Calvin's Godmother was a given and I am so grateful you choose us back every single day.

While we choose our friends, we don't pick our family. Uncle Wayne, you are the type of family I would gladly "choose". When I think of the most honest, upstanding person I know, it is you, every time. You are genuinely interested and invested in the people you surround yourself with, you are an amazing father and husband, and you leave the world (and our lives) a better place because of your presence. I can't imagine a better role model for Cal as he grows up and I will truly consider us having done our jobs well if he is even half the man you are.

We have entrusted you with our most prized possession - our son. A parent's love is unmatched and I hope you are ready to take on your (new) son. Please love him like your own, safeguard him from the crazy our world has become, and promise to always keep his best interests at heart. Please be a friend when he needs one and a stern reality check when he needs that instead. Please share your immense life experience, huge hearts, and kindness with him.

We love you. We hope you love Calvin as much as we do. We can't wait to take on this new and crazy journey of parenthood with both of you by our sides.


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