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top 5 things to register for.

There’s so many lists out there of what you should register for, but frankly, they’re all the same. As recent brides, here are our top 5 picks of things every newlywed needs but may not think to register for.

1. Automatic wine bottle opener:

I mean let’s be honest. This was one of the best gifts we got. We actually didn’t register for one, but we got one anyway and seriously it’s been a life saver. All three of us love wine and we love the convenience and ease of the automatic wine opener. When you’re married and ~fancy~ and move on from twist top wine brands, you’ll thank me for this gift.

2. Seasonal Items:

One of the favorite things that we got as a wedding gift was Christmas stockings. It really wasn’t something that I thought at first to register for, but Lauren suggested this. I’m so glad we did because they’ll be a momento that we’ll have forever and I loved picking out nice ones! I suggest picking a classic one from somewhere like Pottery Barn so that when you have kids you can buy additional matching ones. Another hack would be to get a few that aren’t personalized to have to personalize when you end up having kids.

3. Dutch Oven Pot:

I’m obsessed with this one that I got from Macy’s. It’s really upscale, but if you watch for deals/ coupons, it gets down as low as $30-$40. There are also many matching cast iron pieces that match it. Both of us use our dutch ovens for all the things but a few notable options include: soups, chili, sauces, pot roast, etc., the possibilities are endless.

4. Tea Kettle:

I personally got this one from Macy’s and I’m super obsessed with it. Who doesn’t love all things Kate Spade? And it really is durable! I brew water for hot tea most every day and it’s held up for the past year and looks basically brand new.

5. Suitcases:

Let’s be honest. Who wants to buy suitcases? Not me. They’re so expensive and I feel like if you travel a lot like we do, then they get jacked up super quickly. Registering for a really nice set of suitcases for each of us was a life saver. We registered for these, which I love. We got the same brand so that they all matched, but I got blue and Jessie got Black. I love that we each have suitcases small, medium and large for when we travel. I also loved all the accessories-- luggage tags, a travel kit bag, as well as my husband got a bag for suits etc. We registered for individual pieces so that people could get us one piece at a time vs a whole set. We ended up using a lot of gift cards to buy the remaining pieces. Samsonite is my favorite brand.

xoxo, Gabrielle

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