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what we ate.

As we've referenced multiple times (and likely conveyed in the simple, yet tasty recipes we share), we eat simply. I feed my family meals that are easily cooked, use minimal ingredients, and can be on the table ready-to-eat in under an hour. I'm going to share our weekly meal plans (and recipes if applicable) - I hope this gives y'all some ideas of easy meal combinations to share with your family!

Chicken Alfredo with Spinach

I'm not gonna lie y'all, I used a jarred Alfredo sauce. Do I have a great Alfredo sauce recipe? Yes. Am I going to use jarred sauce in a pinch? Absolutely. I prepped a box of penne pasta, then combined with a small frozen package of spinach (fresh is also great here as well), jarred sauce, and chicken. I used two cooked chicken breasts- boiled for convenience.

Pot Roast with Carrots and Potatoes

This is a great and easy Crockpot recipe that I swear by. Put your pot roast in the Crockpot with potatoes and carrots, cover with 1 package powdered brown gravy mix, 1 package dry ranch seasoning mix, and half a stick of butter cubed. Cook on low for 8 hours. That's it! That's all you have to do. I love this recipe in particular because it is tasty and quick.

BD's Beans and Rice

I make this recipe fairly frequently because it is super easy and always has leftovers for lunch or to be frozen for later meals. Find the recipe here.

Burgers with Homemade Fries

I love a great burger. We are starting to see a little bit of nice weather here in Cincinnati and as soon as the temp broke 50 degrees, I immediately rushed to use the grill. I mixed the ground beef for the patties with feta and added bacon on top of the burgers. French Fries were made by slicing potatoes with a mandolin and baking on a baking sheet at 375 for 30-40 minutes. Drizzle with olive oil and salt + pepper to lightly season.

Pork Chops with Mixed Veggies and Rice

Like I said, I don't always make everything from scratch. I pan fried thinly sliced pork chops with a little olive oil and garlic powder and served with a frozen mixed vegetable dish and seasoned rice. This is a quick meal that is inexpensive. It was too cold this particular day, but I would usually grill the pork chops.

There you have it - a week's worth of meals eaten in the Haney household. I don't cook to Martha Stewart levels daily, but we are always well fed! (just keeping it real with y'all). What is your favorite "go to" easy meal?


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