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gabrielle's renovation update.

As you may or may not know by now, my husband and I recently relocated back to Indianapolis, sold our Nashville house & closed on a house here in Carmel, IN. The home that we purchased is another ranch, which is awesome!

We decided that we wanted to go ahead and do a few improvements before moving in-- well, in true Gabrielle fashion, that turned into a full gut of the living room, kitchen, dining room, family room, laundry & mudroom-- including taking out a three walls.

My husband and dad were really pleased about my "small renovation"!

Luckily, my dad is a retired contractor & spent his life building custom homes. I keep joking that I have my own "personal" contractor. It's taking a bit longer than if we hired someone, but for only having possession for little under a month, I feel like we've come a long way!

So far, we've accomplished taking down 3 walls-- two of which had to be replaced by beams up in the ceiling to carry the load of the roof. In addition to that we've taken up all the carpet, removed WAY too much tile and linoleum and sledgehammered up an entryway full of slate set in 2" of concrete.

Entry way:

We took the non- bearing wall down, demo-ing the slate & relocating switches and plugs. We also had to level the floor and replace five floor joists in this room, which was quite a project.

Living Room:

We took out the bearing wall between the living and the family room & put a load-bearing beam up in the ceiling.

Family Room:

One big bummer in this space was losing these faux beams. They brought so much character to the space, but I'm glad to lose them if it means the open sight lines. Losing the nasty carpet was also a favorite of mine.


Well, this is quite the transformation! We gutted the kitchen to open it up to the family and living rooms, which by the way, I'm so glad we decided to do! The cabinets were in good shape but the previous homeowners were very dirty and the cabinets were gross on the inside. We're actually relocating our kitchen over to by the window to have more kitchen. Between adding in a beam to take the wall down & relocating plumbing etc, it's been quite the project getting this kitchen ready to be put back together.

We've also touched the laundry room, mud room & half bath, but I'll save those for another day. Be on the lookout for tutorials when we start to put the house back together. Is there anything specifically you'd like to see? Let me know!

xoxo Gabrielle

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