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laundry room organization.

When we bought this house, it did not have a laundry room, just a measly little closet with a washer and dryer thrown in. I knew when we were in the middle of our reno that I really wanted to extend our 1/2 bath wall & make it a full room.

I wanted to share with y'all the progress we've made on making this space functional and cute.

The first major choice we made was having our laundry room have a 3' 0" door. Many people would have gone with something smaller, but I'm happy with the bold statement the craftsman door provides us with.

We grabbed a new washer & dryer on Facebook marketplace and had those delivered and installed.

Next, we picked up some of these brackets from IKEA and some 2 x 8 pine boards from our local hardware store & created these awesome shelves for storing all of our things.

Another item that I just *had* to have was the wall mounted organizer from OXO for all our brooms and mops etc. I fully believe that this single-handedly has helped to organize my life.

It's amazing how just a few little organizational items can make SUCH a big difference in your space. Now I feel like all my things have a spot and there isn't just junk laying around everywhere in our laundry room.

xoxo, Gabrielle

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