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kitchen sink vibes.

Seriously, why is picking out finishes for your kitchen one of the hardest decisions of your life?

In our renovation we decided to do all matte black finishes & I could not be more happy with the decision.

For our faucet we partnered up with Pfister and got this Stellen faucet in matte black. I'm loving the "touch free" technology and all the features of the faucet. Another touch that I love is that one of the two buttons "stops" the water. It's so convenient when I'm washing dishes.

The next big decision that we made was our sink. I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink, and I originally was leaning toward a single bowl, but I'm SO glad we went with this amazing sink from Sinkology. It's their "Brooks" version and honestly, it's the best.

I can't explain to y'all how much I love this space. I cannot wait to get our backsplash installed and this kitchen FINISHED!

xoxo, Gabrielle

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