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26 while 26.

Turning 26 has been a weird thing for me. I seriously feel like a real grown up, but at the same time I keep having moments where I'm wondering "Am I old enough for this?". I wanted to put together a list of 26 things I hope to accomplish by the end of my 26 year. I've never done a list like this, and I'm honestly not really good at setting goals, but hey, here goes nothing.

01. complete my PhD.

02. make my bed every day.

03. read one new book a month.

04. visit Alaska.

05. keep a plant alive for an entire year.

06. volunteer with an organization I love.

07. make a cookbook with family recipes.

08. declutter my closet.

09. travel to somewhere I've never been.

10. treat myself to something I really want.

11. invest in a new stock.

12. stop biting my nails.

13. take a girls trip with my best friends.

14. do something that I hate but my husband loves.

15. find a workout class I don't hate.

16. become fluent in Spanish.

17. double my savings account.

18. do one act of kindness per day.

19. go hiking once a month.

20. finish short-term house projects.

21. try one new food per month.

22. grow a garden.

23. road trip somewhere with my husband.

24. learn a new hobby.

25. be published in a magazine.

26. have date nights with my husband at least once a month.

xoxo, Gabrielle

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