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best sleep products for babies.

As you all know, I'm a new mom to baby Crosby. In the past *almost* four months of her life, we've tried what I believe to be basically every sleep product on the market. I wrapped up a review of all the "must have" baby swaddles and products with information on which are actually "must haves" and which you can skip for those first few weeks. Click on each photo for the link to purchase!!

1. The Snoo

Honestly. I am completely obsessed with the Snoo. Crosby has been sleeping through the night since 5 weeks and I can honestly say it's partially due to the Snoo. I love how it is completely safe for sleep. We made the decision to rent it and its the same price as a coffee once a week so yes I think it's totally worth it.

2. LoveToDream SwaddleUp

This was one of our most used swaddles when Crosby was first born. I'd say its definitely a must have. Its perfect for a baby who loves to sleep with their arms up above their head, which Cros definitely does!

3. SwaddleMe Pod

If you have a tiny nugget or a preemie or a baby in the NICU, these are the best. My nephew was in the NICU and they loved to use these. They're small enough for little nuggets to stay secure and they zip both ways, so they're perfect for helping to accommodate those extra wires and such in the NICU.

4. SwaddleMe

We love the SwaddleMe around here!

This was one of our most used swaddles in the beginning. Crosby is a little escape artist, so for the first few months we were utilizing the "double swaddle" technique in the Snoo. There are a lot of "off-brand" versions of this swaddle as well if you're on a budget.

5. Halo Sleep Sack

We got a Halo from the hospital.

If we hadn't gotten one from there, I wouldn't have purchased one. I know some people just LOVE these, but to me, they're not worth the price. The velcro is not very strong. I do like how it has multiple options for how they can be strapped in so if you're on a budget and can only get *one* sleep product, this can grow with them pretty far.

6. Ollie Swaddle

This for me is a miss. I will say,

if your baby is an escape artist, then this swaddle may be for you, but with all the other great options for swaddles, the price of the ollie doesn't live up to the reality of it in my experience.

7. Dreamland Baby

We received the Dreamland Baby

swaddle recently and have been excited to try it out. This product was on shark tank. It is lightly weighted and the gentle weight increases serotonin & melatonin, naturally reducing stress & increasing relaxation. It also is a product that can grow with your babe.

8. Nested Bean

The nested bean is another product

that I was excited to try out, but after trying it out I definitely think it's a "miss". I liked the idea of it having slight weight to comfort baby and I loved that they have a swaddle, sleep sack and a PJ option for the baby to grow with, but overall, I think this is a product you definitely can skip.

9. Magic Merlin

As my husband calls it, the baby fat suit. Crosby is currently utilizing this for naps. It's a great transition piece when your baby is rolling or close to rolling, but still has that startle reflex. As long as they cannot roll in the Merlin, they're safe to sleep in it. We're loving it right now.

10. ZipadeeZip

HELP! My baby is rolling over! What now?! -- Actual quote from me last week. In comes the zipadeezip. This baby is awesome. It's like a sleep sack that allows for some restriction to help with the startle reflex. Babies can wear this for like 2+ years which is amazing because all the transitions between sleep products makes for one crazy mama.

Whew! That's a lot of sleep products. I can personally speak to the fact that there are soooo many options that everyone is telling you to try when you're a new mom. Hopefully this breakdown of products will help you to narrow down which ones are right for you and your babe. I highly recommend having a few options on hand to try when babe makes their way home from the hospital.



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