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my favorite newborn essentials.

Now that i'm finally out of the newborn fog and Crosby is 4 months old (which I cannot even believe), I wanted to fill y'all in on a few of my must haves for those few first weeks. I know there is a ton of information out there on this topic, but these are a few of the things I really felt were "essential".

1. The Snoo (or any safe sleep space in your bedroom)

I will die on the Snoo hill. I love it so much. Yes it's pricy, but you have options. You can resell it for near the price or you can rent it as well. I know i talked about it in my sleep products post, but 100% it is amazing.

2. SnuggleMe Organic

Going to start this off with THIS PRODUCT IS NOT SAFE FOR UNSUPERVISED SLEEP. That means its not safe for co sleeping, using in the crib, etc. etc.. OK now that being said, we LOVED this for supervised sleep those first few weeks. We'd pop her in it on the couch while folding laundry, eating, etc etc. It was amazing to keep her close by but have a place to sleep and be comfy. Highly recommend also having a Moses basket, which I frequently took outside to hang on our deck before it got to be 1 million degrees outside.

3. Burp Cloths

Ok everyone is going to tell you allll about their favorite burp cloths, but stop right there because Hudson Baby has the best burp cloths of all time and you cant change my mind. They're very absorbent, reasonably priced, soft and have cute patterns for boys and girls!

4. LOVEVERY Playmat

This is truly essential. Yes, you can get a "cheaper" mat, but, I'm telling you, the LOVEVERY one is worth it. It's so aesthetically pleasing and Crosby loves it! She will spend hours playing and doing tummy time on there. I also highly recommend their subscription boxes. CLICK HERE to get $20 off your first order with them!

5. A way to baby wear

My two personal favorites are the Wildbird Sling + Solly Wrap. I literally don't know how I would have made it though the early newborn phase without a way to babywear. While there is a learning curve to slinging, it is so comfy and Crosby loves a good sling nap!

Hopefully this post was a little helpful when creating your registry or getting ready for baby!!



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