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LOVEVERY: A Must Have.

Sitting here writing this as Crosby plays on her LOVEVERY Mat and honestly, if there is one company you don't want to miss as a new mom, it's this one. I would venture to say that our PLAY GYM is our most used baby item. Crosby has played with it every. single. day. since we brought her home 5 months ago.

The play gym is so versatile and easy to move/ use, while still being functional and aesthetically pleasing. You'll feel good about having it in your living room.

We also loooove their subscription kits. We not only subscribe to them, but I also love to give the first kit as a gift to new moms. The toys are heirloom quality and are sure to last for multiple children. I love how they come with a booklet on how to play with that toy and your child. Makes mommin' easy.