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welcome to our story.

We are Three Little Housewives, welcome to our story.

About five years ago, Jessica was hired as a campus sales rep for a t-shirt company (that shall remain unnamed). This company worked like a sorority- giving each rep a big and a little, so we would feel connected even though we were spread throughout the country. A few months later, Jessica was given Gabrielle as her little. Later that year, Lauren joined the company and the family as Gabrielle’s little & the rest is history.

During the past five years, we’ve become best friends. Though we may live in three totally separate cities, Gabrielle in Nashville, Lauren in Cincinnati, and Jessica in Atlanta, our friendship has persevered. We’ve decorated our homes together, planned weddings together, and now we’ve decided to embark on this adventure together: a lifestyle blog.

Our tastes, talents, and stages in life give each of us a unique perspective. We are so excited to share our lives with you. We will share our firsts, decor tips, DIY tutorials & results, meal plans from our favorite cookbooks, our holiday traditions, and so much more. Our blog will be a one stop shop for you to see everything that goes on in our lives from husbands to shopping addictions.

We challenge you, our friends, family and random readers, to write us a comment, let us know what you think. What types of things would you like to see out of our blog?

Welcome to our crazy life.

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