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"treat yoself"

Gabrielle, Lauren, and I have differing tastes in some aspects, but we all agree that Hoops and Needles makes embroidery hoops that are to die for. Gabrielle and I both worked with Hayden when we worked for Future Female Leader and we’re huge fans of her newest side hustle. Embroidery hoops are one of the most adorable, customizable decor trends this year and we’re obsessed.

Gabrielle ordered her hoop for part of her infamous gallery wall. This is Gabrielle and Jessie’s monogram, celebrating their marriage and it’s even stitched in their wedding colors. This hoop is such a perfect way to celebrate a wedding in a way that won’t go out of style.

This hoop is a custom piece and it’s a baby gift! Since my niece is a second baby, I wanted to get a keepsake for her instead of toys or other things that they already would’ve had. My sister-in-law and brother-in-law are very intelligent, so I thought they would appreciate the sentiment. Hayden was so wonderful with the details and I can’t wait to give this to my niece!

Lauren’s piece is an anniversary keepsake and I could not be more in love with it. Lauren had a fabulously dramatic bouquet for her wedding and Hayden captured it perfectly. This was part of the many keepsakes that Lauren made to remember her special day with Mike and it’s my personal favorite (read here about her wedding keepsakes).

If you’re interested in ordering a hoop, follow Hoops and Needles here:

Instagram: @hoopsandneedles


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