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lauren's hospital bag.

Today is Calvin's official due date. Rather than haphazardly throwing things into a bag at 2 am when I (FINALLY) go into labor, I recently packed my hospital bag. Being a first-time mama, I had nothing to base my packing list off other than harassing my mom friends, scouring Pinterest for “delivery checklists”, asking my mom a thousand different questions, and relying on my usual tendency to overpack.

Here’s what is in my (likely overpacked) hospital bag:

Long sleeve nightgown - both my mom AND my big said a nightgown is much easier for when the doctors are constantly checking you out, so it must be true.

Pajama set - this is a cotton, stretchy set in a size bigger.

Slippers and robe - I HATE cold feet and having cozy clothes should help me relax post delivery.

Fuzzy throw blanket and pillow - If I’m spending a day or two in a hospital bed, I at least want to be comfortable.

Sweatpants, tshirt, sweatshirt - I’m packing this to wear home. We live 5 minutes from the hospital I’m giving birth at and I KNOW I will just want comfy clothes to throw on.

Phone charger.

Big underwear - Granny panties a size bigger than normal. I hear this is essential.

Tight sports bras - I am not breastfeeding and my hours of googling tell me this should help the transition post-birth.

Minimal toiletries - toothbrush, extra hair ties, shower items, chapstick. I’m packing minimally here, I am not planning on rocking a full face of makeup during delivery. I definitely made sure I packed shower flip flops because I am a clean freak and can’t imagine showering without them.

Fuzzy socks.

Snacks. Lots of Snacks.

Calvin’s Bag:

Onesies - Outfits for Cal to wear in the hospital. I packed these in both newborn and size 0-3, just in case.

Coming home outfit - My mom gifted us this outfit complete with beanie and I think it is SO cute for coming home (and will keep him warm in this winter weather).

Boppy pillow - Great for support while holding him and cute pictures.

Swaddle blanket - Cute for pictures and for use in hospital.

Bottles - We have chosen to formula feed, so I am bringing two of the bottles we are using to the hospital.

Baby blanket - This was my baby blanket, I’m excited to bring it with me to use with Cal.

Something to get his footprint on - I decided to do a wood slice to hang in his nursery, most hospitals will make a print on whatever you bring with you (like a baby book).

Is there anything I've forgotten? Let me know what you packed in your bag!


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