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baby registry multiples.

Okay, we all know one of the most exciting part of any major life event is creating a registry. (I promise I'm not overly materialistic, but if you're about to tell me scanning an item to add to your perfectly curated list doesn't give you ~that~ thrill, I don't believe you); there is just something particularly enjoyable about spending hours curating your perfect nursery, first married home together, whatever the happy event may be, and imagining your new life with your new and perfectly chosen gifts.

That being said, baby registries are overwhelming. What did I even need? What do babies actually need? What colors should I choose so all my nursery items matched? What was Calvin's "aesthetic"? Y'all, this took me WAY longer than I should ever admit to create and I was (almost) proud of it by completion. So - you already have a registry. What do you need 3+ of? I've created a list of items you already know you'll need and likely have on your list, but that you NEED to put multiples of on your registry (and will likely forget to do so): 1. muslin swaddles. Gab and Jess gifted me a handful of swaddles and I was intrigued by the cuteness and loved the idea of using them for cute Insta pictures, but I didn't know how to swaddle a baby, if they needed or liked it, or even the other uses. Y'all. These. Are. A. Gamechanger. Baby spit up? Use a swaddle to clean it up. Baby a little bit cold or fussy? Swaddle him. Need to throw something down to change a diaper quickly? You guessed it, swaddle. They're lightweight, easily packed in your diaper bag, have a million uses, and have no special laundry instructions. We've gone through 8 in the last 2 days and I just placed an order on Amazon for these. Trust me, have about 15 on hand and you'll save yourself constant laundry.

2. burp cloths.

My child spits up far more than I ever would have believed. The ease of grabbing a burp cloth and knowing I don't have to wash them everyday in order to have fresh cloths available whenever I need is a blessing. I like a heavier duty option because Cal needs something super absorbent. I am obsessed with these in particular. They're from a local Cincinnati maker, they already come in packs of twos, they're really well made and heavy duty, they're only $15/pair AND they come in the cutest patterns. I can't say enough good things about their functionality and I'm obsessed with the bear pattern.

3. crib sheets. Do I even have to elaborate here? I suggest at least 3 sets. Baby will have blowouts, spit up, etc. Knowing you can ALWAYS reach in a drawer and immediately change the sheets without having to wait for them to be washed first is a blessing. Along this same line, choose cheap but comfortable sheets. Baby can't differentiate between simple cotton and high end tc. I prefer jersey sheets because they're 100% cotton, wash well, and are comfortable on baby's skin. I purchased this set and we've been happy with them. You can find this type at any big box retailer. 4. pack-n-play sheets. Admittedly, I had no idea these even had sheets until we set it up when we brought Calvin home and I had to use a crib sheet because I neglected to check on this detail. Same premise as the crib sheets - buy multiples because babies have accidents and peace of mind is worth $8. I purposely bought a different color than Cal's crib sheets so I could easily identify which was which in the drawer because otherwise, I'd just be pulling out tons of navy sheets and comparing, which totally defeats the purpose of multiples for efficiency. I bought these - $16 for a pack of two. Can't beat that kinda deal! 5. changing pad cover. Basically, just buy multiples of whatever your baby lays his butt on for an extended amount of time. It's essential to your sanity. I dropped the ball here and originally only bought one. He soiled the one I had, I obviously can't do a load of laundry in 5 mins and the same day, I placed another Amazon order for 2 more. I again purchased in a different color than my other two big linen items for quick identification.

6. sleepers. You'll need about a billion and one sleepers(or onesies). ​Baby will spit-up, pee up his back, etc multiple times a day. Again with the efficiency motive, if I can stick one hand in his drawer and always pull out a new outfit without needing to go to a laundry hamper or wait, it makes for a happier mama. I suggest sleepers - we prefer these over onesies because it is SO cold right now and the footies keep Cal warm. My absolute favorite sleepers are from Cloud Island at Target - I have every "boy" or gender neutral pattern they sell. They come in packs of 3 for only $12.99, they're easy to wash and the zipper is at the bottom for easy diaper checks; available sets are black and white set, mint set, and blue mountains.

7. bottles. Who wants to have to wash a bottle so you can feed a crying baby at 2 am? Not me. Formula mamas, this one is for you. Purchase enough bottles to cover feedings for the day so you can run dishwasher at night or hand wash all of them together and be ready for next day. Bottle preference is up to you, I am currently testing out glass bottles. Initially, I suggest buying 4 of your preferred and insuring baby does well with the nipple, etc then purchase the remainder necessary. Another alternative if people gift them to you is to keep receipts, just in case you need to return if they don't work for your baby. In either case, make sure you have enough so that you can always open a cabinet and grab a clean bottle. Did we notice a theme here? I am all about efficiency and making the transition to a household with a new baby as easy as possible. Streamline your daily routine by insuring you have enough daily items to truly make it through a couple of days and you'll spend less time with daily laundry/cleanup and more time with your precious new nugget. Did I forget anything? What did you buy (or register for) multiples of in prep for baby?


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