"treat yoself"


I’m super obsessed these days with this adorable journaling bible. Handlettering is my new hobby and I’m loving combining it with reading the scripture. Lauren and I are both Catholic & Blessed is She, the company that makes these bibles, is one of my favorite places to peruse/ get inspiration from.


I am a minimal accessories kind of girl. I have a handful of "fun" jewelry pieces that I rotate when I want to add a special touch to an outfit and they must meet a couple of requirements - lightweight, neutral, and no special care required. I recently saw these studs from faithloveandleather and KNEW I had to have them. I prefer stud earrings and these are the CUTEST pair I've seen in a long time (and super affordable at $6/pair). Tell me these aren't perfect for all your winter outfits?! They also come in silver, but I'm holding out that she will create a gold pair.


I got a few cookbooks for Christmas and I'm obsessed with my new breakfast cookbook Rise and ShineIt's a book written specifically for busy people who want to eat healthy in the morning. I haven't had anything that wasn't delicious and it's been motivating me to get out of bed in the morning. I love being adventurous with my food and this is the perfect, nutritious way to get out of your breakfast rut.