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things to consider before getting engaged.

While love is a driving force, and it can cure all things, there are still many things that you should consider before taking that next step. Use this list as a starting point to help hit those hot-button topics.

  1. Do you really love him, or do you love the idea of getting married? Bridal excitement is real, y’all. Be sure that your relationship is founded on love and not just on the hype behind that “Mrs.” title.

  2. Do you love him the way he is? If there’s one thing I know from being in a 10+ year relationship, it’s that people do not change just because they get married. The way your man acts now is the same way he’s going to act once you’ve gotten engaged and then married. Be sure that you love him for who he is and don’t want him to change.

  3. What are your career goals?: What do you want to accomplish in life? Is his hustle as strong as yours?

  4. What are your spending habits?: What kind of debt do you have? Do you love to spend a lot of money on the latest fashion trends? Are you very frugal?

  5. Where will you live? If you’re a long distance couple, this is especially important to consider. Where will you build your life together?

  6. How do you respond to stressful situations?: Stress can be a huge issue in a relationship. How do you plan to deal with it and how will you help each other to navigate stressful situations. Trust me, planning a wedding is very stressful.

  7. How does faith fit into your life?: What do you each believe? How will that affect your future? What will you raise your kids to believe?

  8. What about kids?: Do you want them? If so, when? How do you plan to parent?

  9. Have you met the family?: These are your potential in-laws. Can you get along with them?

  10. What are their living habits: Are you very messy and your potential spouse is a neat freak? Are you an early bird and he loves to sleep in? How will you navigate this?

  11. Can you resolve conflict together? When an issue arises, how will you navigate it together?

  12. Do you have fun together?

  13. Do you know his weird habits?

  14. Do you bring out the best in each other? This question may seem trivial, but it’s answer will reveal a lot about your relationship and is definitely something to consider.


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