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photographer style.

Dress for the job you want. Raise your hand if you’ve NEVER heard that before.

I want to be a stay at home wife in a Fixer Upper level farmhouse. What’s the dresscode for that? Yoga pants? I’m there. Dressing for the job you want applies to photographers too; if you dress like you have higher-paying clients, you’re going to attract higher-paying clients. Here are 3 basics for an event photographer: 1. Be comfortable, but professional.

Yall there is nothing worse than walking around in uncomfortable shoes, a top that won’t stay shut and restrictive pants. Especially if you’re shooting an all-day event, comfort is essential. Pick materials and cuts that allow you to move freely and safely do squats. (You’re gonna do squats. Trust me on this.) Soft soled shoes are a must! Your camera does enough clicking, don’t let your shoes double your audio footprint.

While you’re being comfortable, remember that you’re also representing your business to potential future clients, so be professional! Find a dress or slacks outfit that says “I’m here to do my job and be respected” but is also approachable.

2. Be neutral.

I helped out at a wedding once where the photographers were two sweet girls who came in loud floral print maxis. Maybe I was the only one who was super distracted, but for real - an event photographer is supposed to be as subtle as possible. You’re not even supposed to notice they’re there unless you’re posing directly in front of the camera. Choosing neutral solids or quiet patterns help you blend in, but still sets you apart from being one of the servers.

3. Be cute!

Just because you’re being visually quiet doesn’t mean you have to be frumpy! Find your style and create some neutral combinations you love. I’m a good 50 lbs heavier than Audrey Hepburn was pregnant, but I love her style and it’s easy to incorporate into a business-casual outfit. Cropped black slacks, comfortable flats and a pretty top has been my go-to lately. You can always add minimalist jewelry to make you feel extra-feminine, if you want.

When it’s not as crucial to be subtle:

I think when you’re doing one on one sessions like couples, seniors or families, it’s not as important to be somewhat invisible. Bring in some more bold colors, patterns or even a chambray button down if it’s casual enough, but remember you are still representing your business and your brand! Always be professional. It’s harder some days than others, but it’s worth it.

Some inspo I love:

xoxo Bethany

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