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industrial pipe shelves

I wanted to post a tutorial about literally the easiest floating shelves EVER. They are very low-budget but can make a HUGE impact in your space. Everything you need to know about hanging pipe shelves is found below.

Supplies for each shelf:

* 2 - ½” floor flanges

* 2 - ½” Nipple Fitting Pipes -- I chose to make mine 12” deep

* 2 - ½” Pipe Caps

* A wood board cut to whatever length you want the shelf to be. I chose 16”

* Stain or Paint

* Screws, Drywall Anchors & a Drill

Each shelf will run you about $20. Protip: they will cut your boards at the hardware store to whatever length you want.

Steps to install:

Find your studs. If you can put the floor flanges into a stud, then that’s great. If not, you can always use your drywall anchors to make them sturdy. I grew up with a carpenter for a dad, so finding studs is no problem for me, but if you’re not a pro, get this stud finder and you’ll be good to go.

Measure and mark where your flanges will go. This is honestly the most important step. Make sure that your flanges will be level and the correct distance apart. You want about ½” overhang on either side of your metal posts so that the shelf board can sit properly. Make sure you measure correctly, pre-drill the holes and then attach your flanges. They have 4 screws in each, so they’ll be very sturdy.

Screw on your Fitting Pipes and add the caps.

Stain or paint your board and set it on top!

Style your new shelves!

This tutorial is honestly SO easy. I love these shelves. If you try this tutorial, please send us some pics so we can share the love!

xoxo Gabrielle

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