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you might be a renter if.

If you have paint chips taped to the wall to find the perfect shade of Joanna Gaines gray, but no guts to call the landlord to ask if you can upgrade the butter yellow walls … you might be a renter.

If you look up “small farmhouse bathrooms” for DIY ideas that don’t involve anything permanent … you might be a renter.

If you wince every time you nail something to the wall, knowing that eventually you’re going to have to go through and fill in all the holes … you might be a renter.

If you desperately want to have all the peoples over but you can only seat two at your table … you might be a renter.

If you research slipcovers for your Craigslist loveseat because a new piece of furniture just doesn’t make sense right now … you might be a renter

But if you make it all work, because in spite of all it’s tight, inconvenient, dated imperfections, it’s still where you do life?

You might be a home maker.

Reco: ‘The Nesting Place’ by Myquillyn Smith This book completely changed how I look at my little rental. Myquillyn has gone through 14 (yes, 14!) rentals, so I think she’s qualified to talk on the subject of making a temporary living space feel like a home. She has so many wonderful DIY ideas, but more importantly she has such a wonderful outlook on why it’s so important to see the beauty in the “lived-in-ness” of your home. Buy her book here; if you’re like me and like to highlight and underline things, you’ll want the hard copy! Check out her blog here too.

xoxo, Bethany

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