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replacing/ resizing a window.

So one of the super annoying things about moving our kitchen over and rearranging the layout in our kitchen is that the window in our kitchen needs to be made smaller. Our old window was too big so it would interfere with our countertop. Also, it was a few inches off center in our room which was driving me crazy!

This tutorial would work also if you were replacing your window with a window that is the same size. I'll let you know in the tutorial where you would stop and insert the new window.

So our first step was to take out the existing window. We took off all the trim on the interior and exterior and removed the screws holding the window in place.

If you were planning to just replace the window, you would do it at this point. and then you'd replace your trim and be done!

Then, we measured to make sure that the new window would be centered above our new sink.

Next, we determined how big our knee wall needed to be to accommodate our new window. Since our new window is smaller, we had to build in the space a bit so that it would fit. We decided to hold the new window to the same height so that our exterior would look all the same.

After installing the knee wall, we then put in king studs to frame in the window width wise to be the correct size. We could have chosen to get a more standard sized window, but we decided to get this one which was a stock size at Lowe's.

Next, using plywood, we cut out a piece to fit over our new knee wall and the open sides. We will insulate the knee wall to help provide a good barrier.

Next, it was time to insert the window. Be sure to hold it in place until you get it secured. We used shims to secure it in place and level the window side to side.

After getting the shims in place, we screwed the window into the studs using the screws that they provided with the window.

When we go to finish, we'll add the insulation, patch the drywall, add trim & be done!

Overall, this project took about 2 hours to complete. Now, we're ready for cabinets to be installed.

xoxo Gabrielle

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